The Double/Triple Trailers (T) Study Guide System

The Double/Triple trailers (T endorsement) license will allow you to haul double and triple trailers in the states where it's legal. The Double/Triple trailer endorsement requires you to understand sensory feedback, yaw stability and rollover during steady turns, response to steering, oscillatory sway, and off-tracking. You'll need to know the correct placement of trailers, how to couple and uncouple double and triple trailers, what issues you can run into when pulling multiple trailers, and how to inspect air brakes (among other operating procedures).

If you want to pass your Double/Triple trailers endorsement test the first time, you're in luck - we have a powerful study and practice test portal designed to quickly give you the knowloedge you need. Our study guide will help you prepare for the types of questions you'll run into when you take the test, and the practice test portal will let you see where you're at in your studies.

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Material Covered

Section 2: Driving Safely

Section 5: Air Brakes

Section 6: Combination Vehicles

Section 7: Doubles and Triples

Double/Triple Trailers Study Guide

Double/triple trailers endorsement study guide
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Our Double/Triple pratice test portal was built so you can practice taking the exam as many times as you need in order to feel confident on test day. You'll be given questions very similar to what you'll see on the actual T endorsement test, and immediately know whether you got the right or wrong. Save and quit at any time, and get an automatic score when you're finished.

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