Passenger Vehicle Endorsement Study Guide and Practice Tests

The Passenger Vehicle Endorsement (P) is necessary for those that are transporting more than 15 passengers (this includes the driver). The School Bus Endorsement (S) includes passenger endorsement, but not all drivers transporting passengers need this type of endorsement (unless you plan on driving school buses or transporting students). If you plan on driving service vehicles (such as handicap vans or church vans), limousines, or airport shuttles, you'll need your P endorsement.

There is quite a bit of information you'll need to understand in order to pass your test get your P endorsement. We've tried to make this as simple as possible for you with our Passenger Vehicle study guide and Passenger Vehicle practice test (available separately or together in a complete package).

What to Expect on the Passenger Vehicle Test

  • Correct braking procedures
  • Proper emergency exit and push out window use
  • Correct procedures at highway/rail grade drawbridges and crossings
  • How to correctly load and unload passengers
  • How to respond during emergency situations (unruly passengers or fires, for example)
  • Other operating procedures and practices

The P endorsement exam can seem pretty daunting, but with proper preparation it's actually not too bad. We have the study guide and practice test portal that will help you know exactly what to expect when you take the test, and if you take just a little bit of time to check them out, you'll pass without a problem.

Material Covered

Section 2: Driving Safely

Section 4: Transporting Passengers Safely

Section 11: Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Test

Section 12: Basic Vehicle Control Skills Test

Section 13: On-road Driving

Passenger Vehicle Endorsement Study Guide

Passenger Vehicle endorsement study guide
  • Only the P-endorsement sections
  • Available for YOUR state
  • Any format you want (PDF, mobi, ePub)
  • Easy to understand

Have you ever tried to study for something but found the material was overly technical? That's exactly why we created our Passenger Vehicle endorsement study guide. We take the sections you need to know and give them to you in a straightforward, easy to understand way. Don't waste your time trying to figure out what something means - learn it from the pros so you can safely transport passengers.

Take our Passenger Vehicle exam study guide with you whever you go and study whenever is most convenient for you. The key is studying often, but making sure to take breaks so you don't overdue it. We'll help you kill it on test day.

Passenger Vehicle Endorsement Practice Test

Passenger Vehicle endorsement practice test
  • Best way to get ready for the test
  • Interactive and simple to use
  • Take a break at any time
  • Get scored automatically

The Passenger Vehicle endorsement practice test portal is the easiest way to take the test before you take the test. We use questions that are very similar to the ones you'll see when you're going for your P endorsement. Our practice test tells you if you pick the right or wrong answer and then gives you a score at the end. You can take the test as many times as you need to until you feel fully confident that you are ready to ace the exam on test day.

You will find that taking our Passenger vehicle practice test isn't even like studying - it's not boring and you get instant feedback. Take it whenever you have time and come back to it whenever you need to.

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