Tank Vehicle Endorsement Practice Test & Study Guide

If you're looking to haul tankers, you'll need your Tank Vehicle (N) endorsement. An N endorsement is required in order to drive commercial vehicles (Class A or Class B) and haul liquid or gas in:

  • Permantently mounted cargo tanks rated at least 119 gallons
  • Portable tanks rated at least 1000 gallons

With the N endorsement, you'll be able to drive vehicles transporting different gases and liquids. However, if you plan on transporting hazardous liquids or gases, you will need to get a Hazardous materials endorsement. The tank vehicle sections of the CDL handbook include Section 9 (Hazardous materials) so you study all the material at once if you are going for both.

Our Tank vehicle practice test and study guide system is the best way to prepare for the exam so you can get your N endorsement on the first try, without having to spend hours slogging through the whole handbook. Get just the study guide or access to the practice test portal, or get the complete Tank Vehicle Endorsement study system for a single low price. It's so effective that we know you'll pass your exam or your money back.

Material Covered

Section 2: Driving Safely

Section 5: Air Brakes

Section 6: Combination Vehicles

Section 8: Tank Vehicles

Section 9: Hazardous Materials

Tank Vehicle Endorsement Study Guide

Tank Vehicle endorsement study guide
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Our Tank Vehicle endorsement study guide was written to include only the information you need to focus on. You'll learn about driving safely, air brakes, combination vehicles, tank vehicles, and hazardous materials. You'll know what kind of questions to expect and learn tips about how to prepare for test day. If you want to get your Tank Vehicle (N) endorsement on the first try and with as little stress as possible, our guide is for you.

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Tank Vehicle Endorsement Practice Test

Tank Vehicle endorsement practice test
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Our Tank Vehicle (N) endorsement practice test is designed the way it is, so when you take the exam it will feel like just another practice attempt. This will help you relax and recall what you remember and ace the exam the first time.

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